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Why We Love New Christian Music (And You Should, too!)

Against Deception | September 13, 2021

New Christian Music It seems like more Christians are coming around to the concept of New Christian Music especially. It seems there is a void in our faith in music, which is why people like me are writing articles like this. As a former Christian, I could never fully enjoy Christmas or enjoy going to church. My family would always get me into trouble going to church on Christmas eve because they thought I was a drunkard.

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But now, I can sing songs about love and worship in the car on Christmas mornings, listen to Artist Against Deception, Christian rap and hip-hop on my MP3 player, and even have Christian movies going on in my home while I’m at work. This all goes to show that perhaps there is room in our religion for New Christian Music. Maybe we don’t want to lose the traditional aspects of Christianity, but we need to be open-minded to the ideas of younger generations.

For instance, one of the newer Christian bands gaining a lot of popularity recently is NoJo. They have a soon-to-be album called “NoJo: Oneness” that mixes traditional Christian hymns with heavy metal and electronic music. On the album, there are songs like; “The Only Way Is Now,” “I Am That Thing,” “We Are All,” “I Am the Star,” and “Blessed Are Those Who You’ve Never Seen.” These songs are not about a particular Jesus, but they certainly have Christian influences in them. I’ve always liked NoJo and their music, which you can tell from their artwork for the “NoJo” album.

Another band that comes to mind when you mention New Christian Music is Sufjan Stevens. He has created several albums of contemporary Christian music that I find uplifting and inspiring. Some of his most famous songs on Christian albums have been “Wish You Were Here,” “Cantilever,” ” Downside Down,” ” Purposefully,” and “White Noise.” All of these songs deal with the Christian faith in one way or another.

Another guy who is making a name for himself in the contemporary Christmas music scene is Sufjan Stevens. His first two albums,” Stevens Christmas” and “Songs for Christmas,” have hit the Top 10 on the Christian charts. The quality of Sufjan’s music is beyond hip hop and pop, and it touches the very heart of what makes Christianity so unique to so many people.

One album that is not widely known yet has been producing some perfect Christian music lately. This is “Unsecret Life of Martyna,” slated to be released at the end of the year. The album is the personal studio debut of Jon Kempsey. Jon has worked with many notable Christian musical artists, including Kid Cudi and Scott Storch. If you are a fan of the New Christian Music sound, you will love this album.

A relatively unknown artist from Alabama who is producing some fantastic Christian music right now is Randy Mason. His new album “Black Jesus” will be out sometime in 2021. The album’s name is like that of Randy Mason’s “Harrowed Man” album from 2021. Both songs were top-rated at the time. I am expecting that “Black Jesus” will become even more popular once it hit the market.

With all the genres of New Christian Music out there, it is tough to discern the overall genre. But I am sure that Christian music has stepped into the 21st Century with new influences from hip hop and pop to rockabilly and more. So, make sure you keep up with the latest Christian albums and New Christian Music out there. You in no way recognize when it will be your favorite Christian album that takes off and makes a massive splash in the community!


Welcome to the latest edition of All Things Considered, your weekly guide to news and culture. This week, we discuss new Christian music from a unique and unusual genre most of us likely have never heard of: Christian Music. Specifically, we are exploring new Christian musical works that are created by and for Christians. This is quite an expansive subject matter, but I hope we have covered some important territories. Let’s get started.

First up, in this New Christian Music review, we examine the release of “NoBigdyl” by Andy Mineo and his band The Union. This group has been playing around for quite a while now, but “NoBigdyl” marks their first release since their formation last summer. This is my favorite kind of Christian Music, and I hope that someone like me and you will appreciate some of the unique aspects of this music. It is uplifting, catchy, and soulful. The whole thing starts with a beautiful and haunting intro, sung by the lovely vocalist/composer/singer-player Andy Mineo (also used).

I become blown away employing what I heard. The lyrics are powerful, memorable, and soulful. The overall sound quality is very high, and I felt that every word was beautifully sung and instrumentally played. It truly is a beautiful piece of contemporary Christian music and one that I look forward to listening to each day. One song that struck me was “Waves,” which features traditional Christian hymns played to a highly energetic rock sound.

Another excellent album on this list is “A Christening in the Heart” by Hillsong USA. The album art is very colorful, with many religious icons incorporated into the artwork. The entire tune sounds like it can be part of a christening ceremony right in your own home. “A Christmas Carol” is another fantastic album that takes you on a warm and incredible journey throughout the song and even includes alternative verses.

Then there’s “The Jesus Tree,” which features popular Christmas songs mixed with Randy Mason’s “Love is in the air.” The opening lyrics remind the listener that Christmas is “a time for love” throughout the year. The beautiful instrumental reminds us that our burdens are now lighter, thanks to the almighty. It is truly a touching and memorable album that I would recommend any Christian parent listen to.

Another great album from the newer generation of Christian musicians is “Un Secret Life of Shopaholic,” by Jon Kelly. This is the third studio album by Jon Kelly, and it features songs from The Game, Too Much Wine, and more. Although the album isn’t as as some previous ones, it contains several songs that still hit all the right notes for Christmas, holiday and just good ole fun. Jon Kelly has always been a great Christian artist, and this album is no different.

Finally, is “The Unsecret Life of Shopaholic,” by Randy Mason. This Christmas album is packed with great Christian songs, music for kids, and an excellent message for the whole family. Although the album doesn’t have the best sound quality, it’s worth listening if you can fit Christian songs into your holiday playlist. I suppose it’d be a remarkable addition to any Christian playlist during the holiday season.

If I had to make a list of albums that I would plug into my everyday CD player, these three Christian albums would be at the top of my list. They are very similar in their messages, themes, and artists, but they have all been a big hit to me over the years. I would plug these three albums into my iPod any day of the week. Maybe I will give them to some of my church friends as Christmas gifts this year. No matter who receives them as gifts, these albums are sure to make an impression on them. It’s time to start listening to some of your favorite Christian songs now.

New Christian Music is a contemporary Christian audio album that contains Christian-themed songs of worship. The theme of New Christian Music is “intertwining faith and reason in a celebration of love.” The twelve CD set includes eight original songs and three covers, each from Acts, Viagra, and Solomon. CDs will be available for sale at an unrevealed retail price set sometime in the Spring of 2021.

New Christian music was produced by Matt Redman (ex-summer), vocalist Curt Smith (ex-oatmeal), and guitarist Jim Coughlin. The musical inspirations for the album were drawn from traditional Christmas carols and Christian rock. Curt Smith’s musical influences include the Beach Boys, Sugar Mountain, and the Yardbirds. Jim Coughlin’s primary musical influences are progressive rock, country, and gospel music.

Andy Mineo is a Christian artist who has produced several hit Christian music songs. Some of his best-known Christian songs include “I am Real,” “You Are the Reason,” “I Believe,” and “Hallelujah Praise.” He is excellent known for generating tunes for television and film. He also makes Christian video games and is the founder of Wondertain, which is now known as Wondertain Records. Andy Mineo is of Italian and danish descent and grew up in Southern California. He is a great vocalist and guitar player.

Another contemporary Christian musician whose Christian faith is very close to Mineo’s is Rich Kitchen. Known best as the singer/songwriter of “Reelin’ in the Years” with his band The Apples in His Crown, Rich Kitchen is also known for his work with other artists. He is an expert Christian writer and speaker. His most famous song is “Thank You, Lord,” used on the White House Christian musical selection “Waltz for President.”

Another artist that is making waves in the Christian music scene today is Lakewood Ranch pastor Rich Sprouse. He has released a CD’s collection entitled “Words of Power for the New Christmas,” which includes worship songs geared for those who want to incorporate the spirit of Christmas into their lives.  the songs on this CD are”Joy to the World,” “I Lift Your Spirit,” “I Need to See You Again,” and “A Time to Live.”

Jon Keirn also belongs to a very tight-knit group of artists who have released very Christian CDs. His most famous album is probably “The Great Adventure.” This two-LP set contains over forty songs of worship that are geared for Christmas and Chanukah. Jon has always been close to God, and Biblical stories and images have always inspired his artistic style. For instance, on this album, he sings a song called “A Boy Called Adam.”

The most popular band in this category of New Christian Music is called “The Great Adventure.” As its name suggests, the band tours across the country playing Christian songs that are very similar to popular ones played at Christmastime. The band, however, has gone even further than just singing Christmas classics. They have written songs that are entirely spiritual. Two of the songs in this album are”Christmas is Coming” and “Happily Ever After.”

Many other artists in the new generation of contemporary Christian music are taking a more Christian-oriented direction. Many of them have won global popularity as well. These include albums such as “Shattered Dreams” by Kevin Dunn and “Hallelujah Praise” by Bethany Young. In addition, many television and radio personalities have become well known for incorporating Christian elements into their show. In addition, Christian movies and videos are also becoming more popular.

These 12 months (2021) mark the tenth anniversary of the founding of New Christian Music. Fronted by Cantona (aka Scott Weiland) and vocalist/songwriter Eric Bressler, the band has made a name for itself, playing their music at numerous Christian festivals across the United States and Canada. New Christian music has even taken the stage at the White House during Obama’s presidential campaign. The band has also gained international notoriety with its self-titled CD, taking number one on the charts in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the Netherlands. This article will take a brief to examine New Christian Music and how their self-titled album achieved success.

Many people may be familiar with New Christian Music, a side project of Weiland’s former band, Celebration. Bressler and Weill created New Christian Music to expand their musical horizons. With New Christian Music, they hoped to reach out to more people while also meeting new people. New Christian music features acoustic guitar, keyboards, drums, and a plethora of vocals. One song from the album “Blessings” features a soulful choir performing a slow-paced number about the meaning of life.

New Christian music was released as an EP to give those unfamiliar with the band an idea of the music. If you are new to New Christian Music, an incredible amount of information is available on the band’s official website. You can hear interviews with Weill, Bressler, Scotty Livanee, Dustie Waring, and Andy Mineo on the site. New Christian music features songs that Weill developed themes while writing New Christian Music, such as love, unity, hope, and adversity. Each song features a different genre of music, ranging from Christian rock to metal.

The single “Blessings” from New Christian Music contains two parts. The first part has Bressler welcoming everyone to “the social club of our lives.” The second part offers up lyrics that reflect on how each individual member feels during Christmastime. This album is brilliant for anyone who wants to forget Christmases’ past and relive the good times. The song is divided into three parts for those unsure of the structure: a slow jam, a fast-paced rock tune, and a peaceful, spiritual sound piece.

New Christian Music presents “Nu Tone” from their forthcoming album. Nu tone features members from New Christian Music such as Bressler, Noise, and Weil. Nu Tone utilizes various sounds ranging from traditional instruments like steel guitar, wood guitar, and brass instruments to modern electronic sounds. The song “Nu Tone” describes what each member feels as they are listening to Christmas music. In the first verse, Weil describes Christ’s birth in the manner of a snowflake, while Bressler describes the “quietude” he feels as he listens to Christmas music. Both songs then turn towards a slightly faster pace, where the band takes a jazzier approach to Christmas songs.

New Christian music has not yet released their second album called “The Singles Collection: An Elegant Celebration.” The singles from this album are “Frosty the Snowman,” “Jingle Bells,” “Irene,” and “O Holy Night.” The singles from the first album were “antle Coeurique,” “The Rose,” “Dry Canteen,” “Deckroy,” and “Amitabh.” These songs are all taken from the “Singles Collection: An Elegant Celebration” album. Other tunes from this collection are “Amitabh,” “Bible,” “Away,” “Jingle Bells,” “Irene,” “The Rose,” and “Waltz for Christmas.”

New Christian music has put out three EPs entitled “New Christian Music – A Journey,” “Euphoria,” and “The Singles Collection: An Elegant Celebration.” Each of these EPs contains songs from all their albums that have been released thus far. Each of these EPs is titled differently. They are “New Christian Music – An Elegant Celebration,” “Euphoria,” “The Singles Collection: An Elegant Celebration,” “A Journey,” “Irene,” “Dry Canteen,” and “The Rose.” All these songs from each EP are featured on their respective singles and they cover topics such as “love”, “energies”, “heartache”, “hope”, “beliefs”, “mind”, “spirit”, “words”, and “words”.

“Irene” from the “A Journey” EP contains four members from the “New Christian Music” band, which are Sungwon Lee, Kyu Young-Soo, Kim Young-Soo, and Bose Sungwon. This song also contains an instrumental that Sungwon Lee contributed. “The Rose” from the “Euphoria” EP features Bose Sungwon, Kim Young-Soo, Kyu Young-Soo, and Sungwon Lee. This song samples the song “Use Somebody” from the album by The Black-Eyed Peas.

Unsecured Review of New Christian Music By Faith

So New Christian Music is all the rage this season. There is a lot of music being released this Christmas with Christian themes. Music such as “I am a Rock,” “White Christmas,” and “Santa Rap Star” are just a few examples of what Christian songs are getting songs written about.

New Christian music has made its way into the charts quite prominently with the release of Album number four, “I am a Rock.” The band making this album is called No Adeline and has been around for over seven years. “I am a Rock” contains three songs that have been topping the Christian music charts. The other songs on this CD maybe some of the best New Christian Music being made today. We will take a closer check at this band and one in all their cutting-edge songs, “I am a Rock.

Jon Keith produced this New Christian Music album. Before he made Christian Music albums, he did make quite a few Mp3 albums geared towards Christian schools and churches, but “I am a Rock” is ultimately his creation. “I am a Rock” contains three songs that have been topping the Christian music charts. These songs are “The Secret,” “Hooked on You,” and “Social Club Misfits.”

This New Christian Music Album also features a song not included in “I am a Rock.” This track, “Wish you Were Here,” was played at the Carolina Christian Music Fest in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2007. The song was played just before “I am a Rock” and is a beautiful and powerful closer to the album. The lyrics of this song talk about wishing all your Christmas family members well, the end of the year is coming soon, and God is waiting for us.

The third song on this great Christmas album that will be played on Wednesdays is “The Nu Tone Christmas Carol,” which is about a group of young Christians who travel to a very spiritual event to share their love and testimonies with everyone that is there. On the last track of “The Nu Tone Christmas Carol,” a gospel choir comes through with a particular guest artist, Declan Murphy. This is a powerful song with great lyrics that speak of bible truths and inspires love and hope. This is my personal favorite on this album.

This New Christian Music Album by Jonkeith is also available on an audio CD. It includes songs that were not on the original release, including “I am a Rock,” “Wish you were here,” “Social Club Misfits,” “The Nu Tone Christmas Carol,” “I am a Rock,” and “The Story of Silent Night.” This CD will take you places! You can also find out where the album can be purchased at the website listed below. I highly recommend this beautiful album.

Two of the other beautiful albums from the 2008/ 2009 Christmas album re: rend collective are “Hark” by Dan Swan and “I am a Star” by Sarah Darling. These two songs are from the movie “A Christmas Carol” and are very beautiful in their way. They both have beautiful piano music and a very peaceful atmosphere that makes you want to feel all cozy and goo-eyed. “Hark” has a beautiful slow-paced acoustic that takes your breath away. This song is a perfect example of christening music that is relaxing and soothing, and ideal for the whole family.

These three Christian Music Albums from 2008 are a great choice and very well worth the money you spend for them. If you haven’t checked them out but, you must consider doing so. They are relaxing and inspire good times. They also help you to reflect on things you want to do for the Christmas season. These three Christmas songs will undoubtedly put you in the Christmas Spirit.

Written by Against Deception


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