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Against Deception

Against Deception is all set to soar, as she continues to release authentic and mesmerizing musical compositions that inspire and help the youth get back to Truth and obedience to the heavenly father in Heaven. Showcasing her multi-genre brilliance, the artist emphasizes divinity through spiritual messages immersed with melodies.


Tammy Kempf, known by her artistic name Against Deception, is an up-and-coming Psychedelic Trance and EDM singer and songwriter who hails from Orlando, Florida. Spinning soulful and stirring musical compositions, the budding singer is a true force to be reckoned with when it comes to crafting Trance and EDM tracks that are imbued with a sense of spirituality.
With her unique creative vision, Against Deception is changing the rules of the game by showcasing her brilliance in EDM and Pop, and trance while sticking to her roots as a soul-stirring Christian artist. A powerhouse of talent and musical prowess, Against Deception Prays and worships the creator of the universe for hours before writing her lyrics and the creator works wonders with each release that underscores her own diverse range. After using her music to spread love, light, and the power of truth in her debut EDM album Fly Heights unknown in 2020, the rising artist is now set to enthrall and inspire with a fresh new released titled ‘Limitless Love’.

Having released on 7th April 2020 Limitless is an EDM and Trance composition that presents a complete package to listeners of Against Deception’s music. Against Deception plans on doing over 50 albums in the next 5 years she is currently working on 5 Infused with crucial messages of Truth and obedience to the one True almighty who is


  • Indivisible
  • Innumerable
  • Unalterable
  • Unattainable
  • Unbreakable
  • Invisible
  • Incompressible
  • Unchangeable
  • Unmeasurable
  • Unfathomable
  • In his wisdom all powerful

The album is a perfect mix of stunning beats and mesmerizing lyricism, accentuated by Against Deception’s powerful vocals.
‘Limitless Love’ follows the release of Against Deception’s single Two steps which she put out for the world earlier this year. After releasing striking Trance and EDM tracks, the budding singer is now looking forward to working on a new Hyper-Pop record to further highlight her dynamic interests.

Enjoy the taste of Electronic Christian Music

Our natural tendency is to listen to and make music; it’s just a part of our nature. Therefore, the rise and diversity of Christian music are no surprise as the mainstream music industry has seen similarly since the advent of music recordings for the masses. Against Deception is a new Christian Messianic artist that does multiple genres, including POP, EDM, Trap, and the best electronic Trance music. The upbeat Christian songs will blow your mind and provide the ultimate peace you want from mixed music.

The taste of music is different for each person is different. Against Deception offers you the different kinds of Christian pop music and genre mashup that will help you get the true taste of the song. The against Deception songs talk about Christ, the true meaning of life, faith, and limitless love. The messianic music, electronic fast music, and new Christian pop songs will take you to another dimension of life. So what are you waiting for? Start listing the songs and enjoy the modern electronic Christian music

People have different tastes when choosing electronic music. But the modern generation prefers to listen to pop music and rock. Therefore, Against Deception is more about creating diverse music and mixing genres of Christian electronic pop music that you will love to hear. Against Deception is bolder lyrics of truth with modern metal music that will help you understand Christian songs’ true beauty.

A one-stop place for the best Christian pop music

Do you want to enjoy the best new electronic Christian songs? With its high-quality EDM music and a focus on praise, Against Deception has created a new and progressive genre of praise? By utilizing the genre, Tammy Against Deception preaches and proclaims the love of Christ with unique Christian Electronic music and songs.

Against Deception challenges how we think about praise, creating a raw, unfiltered environment with music from Messianic workshops, where there are no wrong words to sing, no wrong movements, and no right notes to hit.

The beautiful chaos of unfiltered freedom unites you and God.

The born-talented musician has always been drawn to music regardless of what she does. This also happened with Tammy With her willingness to learn and adapt to the newer melodic patterns found in the Christian electronic dance music song genre, the prolific artist has crafted a soundscape worthy. Her music offers varieties of resonances, New Upbeat Christian Songs. She earned a good reputation in the industry for her versatile and rich melodic pattern. The dynamic chords and innovative arrangements have earned her a good reputation in the industry. Try the best Christian pop music with Against Deception. Something is shocking, bold, and truthful about her lyrics. No other Christian Artist has taken Christian music to new heights as she has.


Different genres and styles of Christian pop music

We all know that the Christian music industry has diverse music options. Not only that, but the genres and styles encompassed by this industry also differ greatly.

Christian electronic dance music, pop, blues, Christian electronic dance music, heavy metal, rock, contemporary, and heavy metal are some of the different genres of Christian pop music. Against Deception offers you everything in one place. Against Deception is more like to bring Genre mashups and new modern fast Christian electronic music to the people.

All of these genres come from different eras. They are significantly different musically, but all of them are connected by the Christian themes expressed in the lyrics, and all are the work of the Against Deception that will make you feel alive again. Whether it is Christian trance music or Christian dance songs, you will be able to feel the power of truth and love. There are so many Christian songs out there. But Against Deception brings you the diversity of music you want from one place.

Fast Christian Praising and Dedicated Music

As we express and respond to God and the church through music, it penetrates deep into the core of our being. Through singing, we are united to the GOD Only the scriptures bind believers together.

Contemporary worship musicians normally play Christian worship music. The instruments that make up these pianos, acoustic, and bass guitars, drums, and keyboards. But this music is not appealing to the youth. But that is not the case with Against Deception. The musician who plays praise music with electronic fast music is fascinating and truly helps teens get into worship. Forget about the slowly playing worship music.

Against Deception presents fast workshop song, EDM worship music, and EDM trance for worship at home and church. The new fast Christian music will help you concentrate on the prayer and get close to God.

Traditionally, Against Deception knows her music and lyrics are full of truth and love and listens to the voice of YAH to help her write. Furthermore, some Christian versions of these styles have caused controversy within the Christian community. Against Deception doesn’t let that stop her from creating the music. Whether EDM trance or Fast worship songs, Against Deception knows how to make the true Christian EDM dance number.


How Against Deception music can help your soul?

There is no denying that life is indeed short. Is it possible to enjoy life when we feel depressed and dragged down by everyday problems? Music lifts our feelings of sadness and depression, and we are put on a happy track again. Music keeps us awake, cheers us up, and makes us feel good. Walking through the church parking lot or walking into the gym during a workout. It is easy to feel the spirit move and incline to unfold the word of God when you sing along with other gospel singers.

The true joy of life

Listening to messianic songs can help us reach a healthy emotional state. We are creatures of addiction, and like any addiction, it becomes hard to eliminate. Listening to a song with positive lyrics from a Christian artist can break that habit and allow us to experience the peace, joy, and love that Christ brought to earth.

Strength your heart and soul

There is no doubt that Christian Dancaable’s praise songs will lift you from Against Deception. Check them out and let them inspire you. If you have music, your days will be brighter. What’s more, you may begin to develop a rhythm of worship that fits your needs and strengthens your heart and soul all year round.

Provide Strength

You can also find guidance and encouragement during difficult times by listening to the Electronic Christian music song. According to the Bible, a good friend can help lift you when you’re down. You can lift yourself with Christian songs from Against Deception. The lyrics talk about truth, life, and GOd’s hard-hitting truth.

You can enjoy the experience of going with friends and having a sing-along so that everyone can be uplifted. Your eyes will well up with tears as you listen to Christian Trance music songs of faith, and you’ll feel like your burdens have been lifted. By doing so, you will be equipped with the love and peace of Christ as well as His kindness and loving-kindness to face the rest of the day and the week. You will see how the song motivates you to keep going. You will become stronger.

Take away your burden

Listen to this uplifting fast Christian songs when you feel overwhelmed and have no idea what to do. You’ll feel more positive after listening to it. Once you have accomplished this, you will find that you are ready to face life head-on and look forward to the day ahead with hope and excitement. You will find that inspiring. After receiving the relief you’ve been craving, you’ll feel less burdened than ever. Afterward, you’ll feel more determined to face the rest of the day. You will feel alive, whether it is Christian trance songs or fast-paced Christian music. get access to the top Christian songs now with Against Deception

In the modern era of worship music, people can worship God anytime they want. However, they felt a sense of connection with Christ through worship music. A large audience, however, has opted for a new approach to worship music. But the new mixing genre of Christian music is totally different and provides you with what you want from Christian songs. You will gain faith in God by listening to it.

In addition, new generations realized that slow, traditional music did not connect with them. This is why Against Deception brings fast-paced Christian songs that will help young people to know the truth of God and feel the limitless affection of God at any place. The fast-paced Christian songs are specially for the young generation to make them feel the true beauty of Christ.


How do you worship God through music?

First and foremost, we make music for God, and then we make music for others only secondarily. We worship God through music that should make us feel awed and wonder-filled in the presence of God. The Electronic christian music should lead you to think about the presence of God and talk about God. Against Deception provides you with the genre of mashup pop music that will help you to know more about the truth of life and the bold truth of life. It will take you to the next level of Christian music and close to God.

What did the Bible say about music?

Music plays a significant role in the Bible with references to praise, victory, mourning, and especially the Psalms, which contains many different types of songs. Besides singing, along with the use of instrumental music, dancing was also a common way to express musical expressions. A period of purely vocal music also existed later, during which time it prevailed for a few years.

How to listen to Against Deception songs?

Against Deception music is found on all streaming platforms like Spotify, itunes, Apple, Deezer, Amazon I heart and Pandora radio. It will help you to get access to the new albums and songs. It will help Against Deception brings new songs and take Christian music to another level. Besides, so what are you waiting for? You can use this music to teach your young ones a little bit more about the beauty of Christ and Christian music.

How does music affect the church?

Church worship is enhanced by music. Music often prepares the congregation’s hearts to listen to the sermon. Christians are enriched by the quality and message of the music. And Against Deception presents the bold and truth to every song with the best music to help you in the workshop and take you close to Christ.

Why do we praise God with music?

We can express and listen to YAH better through music, which has a way of penetrating the deepest parts of our souls. Music helps bring us together which binds believers together. However, music is another tool that allows us to bond together while we worship.

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    01. Monster Takes You
    Against Deception

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    02. Through-my-Heart
    Against Deception

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    03. Let-the-heart-Dance
    Against Deception

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    04. You-are-my-Gravity
    Against Deception

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    Against Deception

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    02. SYMPHONY
    Against Deception

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    03. IDENTITY
    Against Deception

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    04. TRIP
    Against Deception

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    Against Deception

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    Against Deception

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    07. EUPHORIA
    Against Deception

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    08. BOX
    Against Deception

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    01. Silent Mastered
    Against Deception

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    01. Daughter of the kingdom
    Against Deception

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