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Social media’s role in the growth of EDM Christian songs for a genre so inherently tied to technology, the Internet has a natural marketing platform. Tech-savvy producers and DJs unsurprisingly flourish in the online space. The musical genre embraced the Internet; all other genres fought it. As the digital music space continues to expand, EDM arguably harnesses the Internet’s potential more effectively than different genres like hyper pop and other EDM genres. DJs were early adopters of the free music model, recognizing that their low cost of touring made live appearances the more lucrative revenue stream. As a result, they won the hearts of legions of fans who would most likely have pirated their music anyway. The strength of the EDM Christian songs online culture has led to one of the very few successful alternatives, albeit genre-specific, to iTunes: Beatport. Beatport is a popular music store specifically for DJs that provides digital music formats and music discovery tools. The flurry of attention surrounding EDM’s business demonstrates the current power of the genre and the direction in which critical voices are betting it will go. The trend has attracted the attention of entertainment moguls and entrepreneurs across the world. One company to jump aboard is the ticketing agency. Filling a gap in the market, Eventbrite services much of the live EDM scene. Grossing more than $1 billion since its inception in 2006, the company provides an alternative to giants like Ticketmaster. “EDM is really an international movement, so we’ve got a localized site, localized payments that expand throughout the globe, and we’re seeing excellent traction. EDM Christian songs lifestyle touches all corners of pop culture today, and it is definitely in the interest of this music scene to create a place for music professionals to get inspired, network, and have fun.” It appears as though the music industry is gearing up to rally behind this exploding genre. EDM has already cultivated a massively influential scene. Suppose the progressive executives at EDMbiz have their way. In that case, it may well be this decade’s defining genre. . These intense buildup sections are often accomplished using subtle sound effects that eventually grow and swell in volume and intensity. Most producers like to include a sweep in their tracks’ background to give the listener a feeling of tension building up, while others like to push the kick drum forward to make the tempo feel faster or add more embellishing elements that eventually build up into the drop. However, with EDM Christian songs being very involved with synthesizing sounds and creating complex drum beats, it is not something that one can simply begin producing. With the popularity of music festivals, night clubs, and DJ events continuing to grow, EDM Christian songs is a genre that has very high consumption rates. Therefore, it is a valuable and marketable skill for any producer in the industry to navigate the complex sampling process and generate new sounds. Regardless of whether EDM is your preferred taste in music, this genre has developed over a decade in music history and continues to grow in the industry as technology improves to allow for new music to be made.