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The signature Vocaloid sound to make it Hyperpop. Many of these songs coincidentally have its
singers bring something authentic to the genre is an example of this relentless authenticity.
They bring their signature cyber and metallic sounds and mix them with some Columbian flare
their nationality. This combination results in a grossly infatuating mix of tango and intense
metallic notes. Those two types of music blended don’t seem like they would mesh-like
many other similar hyper pop artists were found away. Another standout beauty of their albums is
the artists’ displays of themselves in their album. At the same time, they decided to publicize
this information. It’s only a tiny fragment of their body of work. 100 GECS, in particular, have
been hailed for embracing the genre. Most notably, on their most recent album titled “1000
GECS”. The album features extreme voice distortion and long song outros that sound similar to
construction site noises. Another mainstream in the genre has experienced a lot of recognition
due to her fascinating relationship with hyper pop tropes. From its puzzling interludes to its
partiality to vocal fry, the artist-led the way for the next few years of the genre. Hyper pop’s
larger-than-life nature allows for a lot of diversity, especially in that of gender identity. 100 GECS
artists are all openly transgender women who have found success in the genre of hyper pop’s
go-to figures and used the genre’s voice-masking techniques. Regardless of its contested
technical definition, hyper pop music is growing in popularity. Whether it’s just a passing trend
in electronic music or an exciting transitional moment in the future of pop, only time will tell.
Definitely, at the time of coronavirus and people staying home, people are just putting out tons
and tons of content or looking for that shock value to send you to the top of whatever that
social media platform is for this type of music genre for all the music lovers. Hyper pop is
peculiar. There was something parasitic about how off-put yet fascinated it was with the way hyper pop songs were stuck in to give into the abrasiveness. This is not the case for every artist;
however, sometimes their art can have a deeper meaning. Sometimes, it can just be an excuse
to have a headbanger with irregular beats. This makes it all the more exciting because there
isn’t any right or wrong way to enjoy hyper pop; you can appreciate all facets of it; hyper pop is
the way of the future, allowing artists of every background to produce music that can both
enchant and disgust your passion for music. Everyone gives it a try because sooner than later,
there’s going to be a lot more 100 Gec’s in your life. “Hyperpop” a form of music that has not
yet reached the mainstream but influenced some of the biggest albums. The genre is often
hailed as “PC Music” due to its homemade origins, similar to that of bedroom pop. Many hyper
pop pioneers were just playing with DJ kits on their computers. When they came upon the new
genre, there is a popular motif throughout the Hyperpop genre.