Hyper pop is a music genre

What is hyper pop? A movement? A meaningless label? A Spotify playlist? Whatever the answer, it surely has something to do with 100 GECS sometimes sound like the last three decades of popular music happening all at once. This is about the conflicted relationship to the genre they’ve come to embody, as well as their influences ranging from PC Music and a new wave of artists who are taking their cues from GECS themselves. Hyper pop is a music genre that combines both EDM and traditional pop; the genre puts an extreme emphasis on cuteness, femininity, and intoxication; this is achieved by extreme pitching and warping of both the bass and rhythm, as well as upbeat, bubbly synths. The genre stems mainly from club and night core. It consists of high surrealism and confusion levels. Modern popular music has moved away from what has once been seen as traditional pop. The marked an end to pop music produced by artists that experienced its heyday during the past decade newer genre that found its mainstream was EDM/Techno. The likes of the two genres have morphed together to create. “Hyper pop” a form of music that has not yet reached the mainstream but influenced some of the biggest albums. In a Reedit thread on the genre, hyper pop is described as “experimental music that pushes pop themes and tropes to parody, with some dance/electronic undertones”. Parody is key to the genre, as it often pushes music boundaries with randomness that almost feels reckless. Artists and the Diamonds have been described as early versions of hyper pop, with their partiality to referencing motifs and dramatic transitions mid-song. The genre is often hailed as “PC Music” due to its homemade origins, similar to that of bedroom pop. Many hyper pop pioneers played with DJ kits on their computers when they came upon the new genre. There is a popular motif throughout the hyper pop genre; the artist’s aesthetic can be described as unequivocally MySpace. Perhaps the biggest name in hyper pop was an ode to the genre, an innovative London-based producer whose label PC Music has produced for many other hyper pop artists; the album features extreme voice distortion and long song outros that sound similar to construction site noises. Hyper pop’s larger-than-life nature allows for a lot of diversity, especially in that of gender identity. One of hyper pop’s go-to figures used the genre’s voice masking techniques in the act of the new hyper pop music artist long before they came out; with every genre, no one knows the exact direction the sound will take, but hyper pop is on its way up, For most Hyper pop art the layout is extremely crowded an exception would be 100gecs’ 1000gecs album it is a combination of diverse art styles for its artist of the Hyper pop music genre, We all have our favorite genres, artists and individual songs that we use to evoke various moods and either soothe us when we’re down or get in a party.