Christian Electronic Dance Music

Christian Electronic Music

Christian Electronic Dance Music Against Deception Music If you are an avid listener of Christian Electronic dance music genre or you are someone who’s listening on this type of music you can wonder what is the beat of the tune of this music genre, Electronic dance music is a catchy music rhythm that can influence the listeners to move and dance while listening on this kind of music genre, The sound of music on this kind of genre affects the body of the audiences to dance and move it all along while the Christian Electronic dance music artist is playing their music. Electronic dance music is the type of music that is based or a combination of the music on the past decades of our time like from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and this millennial year, The rhythm of this kind of music is a combination of pop music, reggae music, rave music, hip hop music, funk music, hard metal and many more, In our time nowadays every audience and listeners of this Electronic dance music genre are very lucky to have this kind of music genre because of this type of music genre has the complimenting sounds and in addition, it can make it both fun and danceable while listening. The umbrella rhythm genre of music at this moment of time means the electronic dance music genre and it means this type of music genre is played by a synthesizer melody and laid over the drum, The music always has a repetitive percussion track of music. The first people who played and discover this type of music genre is Giorgio Moroder he is the first ancestor of the Electronic dance music genre of all time, Giorgio Moroder is one of the artists that playing this type of music, Disco music is one of the examples of ancestral roots of Electronic dance music style from the 70s decades, Aside from Giorgio Moroder, The music of Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra are also one of the ancestral roots of Christian Electronic Dance Music, All of the artists in the late 70s are all working to promote and help each other to promote and made to become popular the Electronic dance music genre to the audiences and listeners. During the late 80s, the disco dance music becomes cold as death, the disco dance music becomes virtual death, Musical artist thinks that they have to experiment a new sound or a new music genre that will get on the top of the taste of the audiences and listeners, Over the time they experiment more and more synthesizer and drum tracks to create the new sound of music, After more and more experimentations in the combinations of synthesizers and drum tracks they discover the new sound of music genre that they will call Electronic dance music and electronic Christian music that has been known by everyone else today, Years past by and the Electronic dance music has to develop its music and become popular in all nations in the world like in Europe, Asia, and America or every people in the world that have been in love in music.