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I am Tammy, otherwise known as Against Deception. I am a professional music artist who loves to sing and write my music its Christian Worship Electronic Trance Dance Music. In a nutshell, the life the Creator gave me makes me want to sing. He is the Almighty who created the Universe, yet He cares about me. I think of it as a responsibility and consider my music to be a remedy from the deceiving world of lies we have been living in for so long. I thank the Almighty for this opportunity. Because I love Him, I seek the path of obedience and would love to see others to seek this path too through the power of Worship EDM. My purpose is to make my music reach in the farthest corners of the world., the Almighty loves everyone who has faith and Obeys him, I care about people and want all of us to go back to the life of obedience. My love of Christ shines through my music and my work. This is what keeps me going and most probably will for the rest of my life. Since I have decided to follow Christ, I try to become like Him. I want the young generation to see the lies and deceits this world has fed them. Through my music, I aim to lead people into worship so that they can seek forgiveness. With the help of Christian Electronic Trance Dance Music, you will be able to get yourselves out from the darkness of this modern world and bring light into your life I love His Word. I have always had a fascination with reading and collecting older versions of The Bible. I enjoy spreading the message of peace and harmony through my music. We should never lose hope and remain committed to spread the message of love and tranquility. The modern culture is directing us right towards sins and immoralities. It is normalizing wrong doing and have corrupted our society so much that we have started to think that we are following the right path. But in fact, this is not the case. We have come so far from what the omniscient (all-knowing), omnipotent (all-powerful), omnipresent (all-present) of the Universe directed in the ancient scriptures. They have limited our ability to think with a clear and rational mind. These deceptive teachings have changed our minds and are stopping us from achieving everlasting peace. Slowly and gradually, they are drifting us away from the route that leads to the Creator My goal is to use the Christian Worship Electronic Dance Music to reverse this effect. To take the cover of deceptions off the eyes of the modern generation so that they can see what they have been missing out on. Also, since I was young, I have been surrounded by Christian music. I feel myself to be tremendously blessed to have this in my life since my childhood. My Dad is the one who is to credit for all of this. He was a musician himself. I was inspired to sing at an early age by my Dad, who spent night after night singing, playing drums and playing the piano. As a kid, I saw him in awe because we shared this mutual love for music which was inherent and intrinsic to us. He was the real inspiration I had for choosing music as my career. He was the one who introduced me to this world of Christian Worship Music and Spirituality. By age 7, I was singing and writing my own lyrics, just like my Dad. I spent a lot of time writing songs. He watches over me. The Almighty of the Universe gave me an opportunity to start living my dream and to change my life and the lives of my audience. I love to be creative with my music but at the same time there is a complete process of writing to Christian Electronic Dance Music so that it can have the effect on its listeners it is intended for. These songs will transform you and give you a desire to read the word I believe YAH inspired me to use a unique Messiah-Centered EDM Trance Trap Electronic Dance Music style to shine a light on the often forgotten path of truth and obedience. The modern media tries its best to entangle our youth which will ultimately result in a terrible outcome. I want my music to serve as a guiding beam of light which will help its listeners to find the right path again. It will spread the word of truth to bring people back to their pure and humble beginnings. All of this started with a dream where the Almighty, Master of the Universe, took me on a playful journey through the galaxies, where He encouraged me to learn His Word for myself. Please enjoy the Odyssey of this first Against Deception album and be ready for more great music which is on the way. You will not only be listening to great music, but also making your way back to the truth of the Almighty.


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